'Arrested Development' Star Jason Bateman Tweets Behind The Scenes Photos

July 30, 2012 By:
'Arrested Development' Star Jason Bateman Tweets Behind The Scenes Photos

Breaking News: Twitter has proof that “Arrested Development” Season 4 is actually going to happen!

On Saturday Jason Bateman, the one and only Michael Bluth tweeted pics from the set -- currently under construction or renovation or something, whatever, the point is -- the pictures are of his “son” George Michael played by Michael Cera!

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Father and son reunited again! I mean honestly, we love their side projects and all, but how do these two halves to one whole even function successfully in Hollywood sans the other?

Fans have been demanding more Bluth family fun since the series ended abruptly in 2006, but after five years, rumors of a fourth season seemed like just wishful thinking.

In late 2011, plans were announced to create and then release a season not via network, but Netflix instead. Fans don’t care where they may have to go to watch it, they just want to watch it, but still all were skeptical to get their hopes up.

Then in the beginning of July 2012, both Bateman and executive producer Ron Howard tweeted, confirming our hopes and dreams:

And though the pic has since been removed, the textual evidence remains.

Still, some guy standing in a room with Post-its is slightly more abstract than Cera standing in Gangee Bluth’s living room.
So now we know that it's actually happening.
All ten episodes are set to release simultaneously on Netflix, so clear an undetermined day sometime in the future to catch up with the only TV family that really matters.

Then when that’s done, keep hitting the refresh button on Bateman’s Twitter for updates on the future (rumored) feature film.