What Maria Shriver Was Doing When Arnold's Love Child Scandal Broke

May 20, 2011 By:
What Maria Shriver Was Doing When Arnold's Love Child Scandal Broke

There was no good way of finding out, but a phone call while you’re out with friends is pretty bad.

While Maria was having lunch with friends Oprah and Gayle King in Chicago, Shriver received a phone call that the Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal was about to break. King shared the story with Bravo host Andy Cohen.

“She had gotten a call about it but she knew before she came to dinner,” King said.

I honestly don’t see how Shriver couldn’t have known for years, after taking one look at this kid, who’s the spitting image of Arnold. I can only imagine their family get-togethers:

MARIA: And this is my housekeeper Patti and her son…

GUEST: Wow, he’s the spitting image of—


Despite the news, Shriver put on a brave face when she appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s celebrity send-off show Tuesday night. Shriver made no mention or hint of the scandal, but praised Oprah and did some other promoting that people had no reaction to aside from, “let’s clap and pretend we haven’t turned on the TV in two weeks.”

“Not only did she come, she came, she showed up, she did the part,” King told Cohen. “At one point in the script, she’s thanking Oprah for wisdom and truth, and she paused a little bit. What was so great is the whole audience—13,000 people—applauded. It was sorting of like a lifting of Maria. It was an electrifying moment.”

That’s nice, but imagine how electrifying it would’ve been if Shriver would’ve buttoned her speech with, “Oh, and by the way, f-ck you, Arnold. Peace!” and then just dropped the mic and walked off stage.