Treasure Trove of Celeb Naked Pics Uncovered

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Treasure Trove of Celeb Naked Pics Uncovered
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It’s a treasure chest that even Captain Jack Sparrow would wince upon opening.

This is one story that no celebrity wants to find their name in: A stash of naked photos including some familiar faces has been unearthed. The one celeb that is catching the most buzz from the list: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The poor Austrian can’t catch a break in the headlines lately…

According to the UK’s Sun, the picture was part of a stack of images that were discovered in abandoned storage lockers owned by the late Bob Guccione.

The name “Guccione” adds intrigue because he’s the founder of Penthouse. In other words, was this some never-been-published spread for the naughty glossy?

In the shot, the actor and former governator is said to be engaging in a sex act, which begs the other question: WHY IS THERE A PHOTO BEING TAKEN IN THE FIRST PLACE?

The nude shots reportedly also feature the likes of Madonna and model Lauren Hutton.

A financial entrepreneur by the name of Jeremy Frommer acquired the lockers, along with the photos. Several porn sites, including YouP*, are interested in the Arnie shot. Frommer has supposedly been offered £95,000—AKA $129,200—for the photo.

The photo could fetch as much as $150,000…

The question, which fans are chomping at the bit to find out, is whether or not Arnie’s unit is as long as his last name.

A letter from Mr. Frommer seems to relay people's squirming excitement to catch a glimpse of the photo.

“Let’s face it,” he wrote. “The real value here is in Schwarzenegger’s ‘Schwan.’”