Schwarzenegger Gets Sued

December 24, 2008 By:
Schwarzenegger Gets Sued

The "Ahnold" has run into a little financial trouble. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has just been sued by two different unions who are fighting against an order that would require all California state employees to take two days off a month without getting paid.

The order by Arnold is an attempt to solve California's budget crisis, but the union workers are pissed that it has to come at their expense. It would affect around 230,000 workers. Doesn't seem fair at all, but it would probably help the cash flow problem California is facing.

The workers are also annoyed because according to law, only the U.S. Legislature can change employee salaries. Governor Schwarzenegger said in his defense, "I hate to lay off any state employees, may I remind you, because those are hardworking people and they all have to provide for their families. But we are running out of cash by February, so I have no other choice. California is on a track to a disaster the way it's going."

We think if it gets passed, Arnold should take the pay cut too for those two days every month. He is technically a "state employee" isn't he?