Schwarzenegger Fires Clint Eastwood

March 24, 2008 By:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is too busy to worry about saving California parks. And if you get in his way, you're fired, even if you're Clint Eastwood and his own brother-in-law. He terminated Clint Eastwood from the California's parks commission after he tried to block the construction of a controversial toll road, and dumped his brother-in-law Bobby Shriver after they publicly disagreed with Schwarzenegger over plans for a toll road through a park in southern California.

Clint and Bobby are are pretty shocked by the Arnold. "I had hoped to continue to do this work and to protect the park system from developers. It shows you how strong these developers were that were able to arm-wrestle the governor into firing us."

State Parks in California aren't the only thing the Governator wants to terminate. He's got big changes in mind for 2008.