Dr. Drew on Arnold Schwarzenegger Scandal: His Behavior is Unacceptable

May 26, 2011 By:
Dr. Drew on Arnold Schwarzenegger Scandal: His Behavior is Unacceptable

Everybody in the entire world has an opinion about the Arnold Schwarzenegger cheating scandal. In the last three weeks talks of Arnold’s scandalous relationship with the maid have become the topic of conversation among friends, co-workers and of course, the press.

Dr. Drew has made a career out of treating/commenting on celebrities, but when it came to Arnold and Maria Shriver, he seemed genuinely saddened by what happened to them.

“I wish they could stay together,” he told Hollyscoop at the American Idol season finale on Wednesday. “It’s a sad outcome.”

When asked about the pattern of men cheating, he told Hollyscoop: “I don’t think mass cheating is becoming worse, but I don’t think we should sit and accept that.”

“I think the fact that we even have conversations where we say 'well it's a man in position of authority he has money'…we should not even be thinking that is an acceptable thing. It's almost like tacitly endorsing it by saying ‘ha-ha no kidding’. It's not ok. It destroys families. Do that when you are younger or don't get married.”

Arnold’s affair with the maid may ultimately cost him $200 million dollars, but it also hurt his reputation so bad, no amount of money can ever repair that. Case in point: Tiger Woods and Jesse James. Tiger is still the butt of everyone’s jokes and Jesse James just can’t seem to shake his ‘Most Hated Man in America’ title.

So what’s next for Arnold? He’s already pulled out of three movie deals as Maria prepares to file for divorce. Was banging the maid worth it? The obvious answer is no, but it didn’t stop him from carrying on a decade long affair with her. What do you predict is next for Arnold? Can he recover from this scandal? Or is he the new Tiger and Jesse?