Does Arnold Have More Secret Kids? Maria Shriver Hires Private Investigator

May 24, 2011 By:
Does Arnold Have More Secret Kids? Maria Shriver Hires Private Investigator

Rumors continue to come forward that Arnold Schwarzenegger may have fathered more out-of-wedlock children and lived a sordid “double life.”

Maria Shriver is livid and has retained famed Hollywood divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, and a private investigator to uncover more Schwarzenegger dirt.

Sources close to Shriver say, “The investigator will likely look into the claims that he fathered multiple children, outside their marriage. Maria has heard the rumors and she wants to find out one way or another, if those claims are true."

Maria also seeks to find out how much exactly her husband is worth and how much money he has given to Mistress Mildred “Patty” Baena over the years.

A legal source states that, “any money that Arnold spent on Mildred, for her house, or any other payments or gifts he made to her, Maria is legally entitled to.”

Heard that Maria? You’re entitled to anything Arnold spent on Mildred. You might get that home in Bakersfield if you’re lucky!

I think Arnold is running out of things to be famous for. “Oh, I’m not a body builder anymore? I’ll start acting. Oh, my acting career sucks? I’ll run for governor. Oh, I’m not Governor anymore? Meet my illegitimate son. Still famous? Good.”

Arnold’s kids surprisingly have been sending forgiving tweets all week. Katherine tweeted “Holding grudges is bad for your health. Forgive and let go.”

Love that the kids take the high road, but let’s let mama Shriver get her money’s worth.