Arnold Schwarzenegger Took a Secret DNA Test

May 24, 2011 By:
Arnold Schwarzenegger Took a Secret DNA Test

Arnold Schwarzenegger took a paternity test years ago, and surprisingly, Maury Povich had nothing to do with it.

When the son of Mildred Baenna was just a toddler, she asked Arnold for a DNA test to prove he was indeed the father of her children.

According to, a source close to Baena said, “Arnold knew all along that (the boy) was his child. But Mildred insisted on a DNA test—and it proved that Arnold was the father.”

That DNA test must have been the easiest one to prepare for, because I’m guessing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s DNA is lingering all over the place. I actually stopped taking baths with Los Angeles tap water because I don’t want to get pregnant with Arnold’s baby.

According to the friend, Arnold began making secret payments to Mildred. If she were smart, she would’ve thrown in a “no toilets” clause as part of her work contract.

Since news broke of the scandal, Arnold has kept quiet. Maria hasn’t said much, either, except that she wants her children to be able to forgive their father. Shriver recently hired famed Los Angeles divorce lawyer Laura Wasser. Although she could've said she hired Ally McBeal and probably still walked away with everything.

Sources connected to Maria reportedly say she’s the one who broke the scandal, because she was hysterical upon finding out, wanting to immediately hold a press conference.