Arnold Schwarzenegger Never Took a DNA Test?

June 1, 2011 By:
Arnold Schwarzenegger Never Took a DNA Test?

Somebody call Maury! Rumor has it Arnold never took a DNA test. I really want to see Mildred Baena bolting offstage crying while Arnold runs after her along with Maury Povich and the producers.

Arnold has conceded that he is indeed the father of Baena's son, but multiple sources are saying Arnold never demanded a DNA test.

Apparently, Baena never asked for one, either. Probably because the kid started benching a hundred pounds when he was fourteen months old, and Mildred and Arnold just kind of looked at each other awkwardly.

The sources reveal that Baena's husband was not in the United States when the baby was conceived. I can only imagine the poor guy coming back to see his wife's pregnant belly with Arnold grinning in the corner like nothing happened.

Apparently, the husband got back in town just days before the baby was born.

In just a few years, it was "physically obvious" the kid resembled Arnold. Several members of Schwarzenegger's staff often confused Arnold's youngest son, Christopher, with Baena's son.

They say love is blind, but Maria had to have been in a coma not to put two and two together. How Arnold got away with this for over ten years is nothing short of mind-blowing.