Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets 7 Giant Bronze Statues of Himself

September 27, 2011 By:
Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets 7 Giant Bronze Statues of Himself

So many questionable things are happening in our world. 1) The town of Thal in Austria has a museum dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger's life 2) Arnold commissioned the creation of a larger-than-life bronze statue of himself and 3) I’m sorry, Arnold commissioned 7, SEVEN larger-than-life bronze statues of himself.

Tim Parks, the owner of TW Bronze, a company that makes things out of bronze, has stated that they are working on several over-sized bronze statues of Arnold in his body building prime.

The 8-foot, 580-pound monsters cost around $100,000 each and depict Schwarzenegger “flexing in a classic body-builder pose that flaunts his football-sized biceps, chiseled abs and granite quads,” said a statement from TW Bronze. Somebody writes Schwarzenegger fan fiction…just saying.

The bronze castings stand roughly one-and-quarter times life size.

Arnold himself went to the Oregon based sculpture-casting business and after surveying the statues claimed that he wanted “one for himself.” He also gazed upon his pumped-up metallic likeness and exclaimed, “This is fantastic. This is fantastic.”

When Arnold asked how many statues they were creating, Tim Parks suggested that they make 7, one for each of Arnold’s seven Mr. Olympia titles. And Arnold replied, “Perfect.”

Arnold will take home one of the bronze statues, so that he can gaze into his gold bronze eyes and remember what life was like before he was the most despised man in Hollywood. Another life-like statue will be shipped to Thal in Austria, Arnold’s hometown that houses a museum dedicated to him. Another replica will be sent to Columbus, Ohio where they have an annual event called “Arnold Fitness Weekend.”

Does this “Arnold Fitness Weekend” involve impregnating household staff while mispronouncing words like “I’ll,” “be” and “back?”

So does the guy making the bronze statues care that his latest creation is a homewrecker? “None of that stuff means anything to me. That’s his personal life. I don’t think it’s anybody’s business,” says Parks. But casting semi-nude 8 ft tall bronze statues? Now that’s something Parks can support.

The statues are based off a smaller replica created in 1980. The 22-inch sculpture they are replicated was created by Idaho artist Ralph Crawford to immortalize Arnold from his “Pumping Iron” days. Crawford is also supposedly going to receive one of the statues, which isn’t creepy at all.