Arnold Schwarzenegger Enters IGN’s Action Hero Hall of Fame

July 13, 2012 By:
Arnold Schwarzenegger Enters IGN’s Action Hero Hall of Fame

Comic-Con’s is starting off with a bang and Arnold Schwarzenegger is going into the record books for it.

IGN Entertainment has announced that the former Governator is the newest inductee into their Action Hero Hall of Fame. So if theTerminator franchise, Predator, and Total Recall weren’t enough to prove it to you, it’s official… Arnie is a badass.

As part of the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con convention, the video game and media giant honored Schwarzenegger with the award. The actor was in town to promote his new action star-studded epic The Expendables 2.

The Action Hero Hall of Fame co-founder and Entertainment Editorial Director Chris Carle put the meaning of the honor best.

“When Arnold said he’d be back, he meant it,” said Carle. “He has earned a place in the pantheon of pop culture for bringing to life some of the most memorable characters in action hero history.”

The Austrian Oak was the clear choice this year.

At an exclusive party hosted by IGN, the rest of The Expendables 2 cast was present to honor his career.

Arnold and badass have been synonymous ever since his appearance in the 1976 film, Stay Hungry, for his role as body builder Joe Santo, where he shared the screen with Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges. The performance earned Arnie his first and only Golden Globe for Besting Acting Debut in a Motion Picture.

Prior to the big screen, Schwarzenegger was an award-winning power lifter. His bench press record is 440 pounds.

The Expendables 2 blasts, shoots, and punches its way into theaters on August 17th.