Arnold: Fine, I'll Pay Maria in Divorce Settlement

July 26, 2011 By:
Arnold: Fine, I'll Pay Maria in Divorce Settlement

Arnold Schwarzenegger has lost quite a few fans since his cheating/secret baby mama scandal broke. And he lost even more last week when court papers proved he was trying to avoid giving Maria Shriver spousal support.

Luckily someone talked some sense into him and he lowered his douchey level down a few notches because he filed new divorce papers on Monday removing the box that asks if he wants to fight spousal support.

Arnold got a lot of heat for checking off that tiny little box. The divorce and secret baby drama is entirely his fault and poor Maria was publicly humiliated.

So why the change of heart? He must of read all the nasty things people were saying about him. That and he felt like he slapped Maria with the paperwork at the worst possible time—while their son Christopher was in ICU following a surfing injury.

Time to pay for your sins Arnold—and there’s been a lot!