Arnold Schwarzenegger in T4?

April 10, 2006 By:
Arnold Schwarzenegger in T4?

Our worthless governator Arnold Schwarzenegger has been asked to make a cameo in the fourth Terminator movie, but the actor's political career could make it impossible so they will make the movie with or without him.

Andy Vajna, producer of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, said: "We would like Arnie as a cameo.

"We want to go on with the Terminator and turn it into a real sci-fi picture - there is a very interesting role for Arnold if he wants it. But I'm not sure where he is with his politics - we'll see."

Vajna hopes Terminator 4 will begin filming next year on Australia's Gold Coast.

He said: "We have the script ready and we are now looking for a director and figuring out what the next step is."

A Terminator movie without Schwarzenegger is like having Legally Blonde without Reese. A sure bet to a box office flop!