Armie Hammer Arrested For Weed Possession

January 25, 2012 By:
Armie Hammer Arrested For Weed Possession

Celebrities and their marijuana. Another A-Lister just got busted for having weed in his car, and that person is “The Social Network” and “J. Edgar” actor Armie Hammer.

Hammer was busted in West Texas after a drug sniffing dog discovered Mary Jane in his car. Hammer had to spend a day in jail and post $1,000 bond. I can’t wait to see the mug shot, I bet it’s totally GQ status.

However, the actor got off easy as the district attorney declined to prosecute because a felony means that he had 4 ounces of actual marijuana, but Hammer only had .02 ounces of weed, three medicinal marijuana cookies and one brownie. Sounds like a feast to me. Also, love that the police report specifically refers to his pot brownies as “medicinal.” Please, sir, but these are my medicine cookies! My hang nail is flaring up again!

The arrest actually took place on November 30, but police reports are only just being released now.

This is actually the same small town in Texas where Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg were busted for pot in the last year. This border patrol tends to have it out for celebrities!

Snoop was busted earlier this month for having several prescriptions full of marijuana on his tour bus. Funny part is, he told them the weed was for his “cataracts.” Rigghhhhtt.

Willie Nelson was also arrested at the same checkpoint in November 2010 and also in 2006 in Louisiana for having more than 1.5 pounds of marijuana. At that point you don’t even need a drug sniffing dog to find the drugs, a drug-sniffing mouse could bust you on that much weed.