Why Are All Our Female Pop Stars Awful Dancers?

August 21, 2014 By:
Why Are All Our Female Pop Stars Awful Dancers?
Image By: Hollyscoop/Wenn

Pop stars used to do more than entertain us with their voices. They were spectacles in their own rights, thanks to some visually arresting choreography, i.e. they could also dance. It’s all part of the package if you want to be a triple threat in this industry, but as of late, that concept seems to be ancient history.

A quick scan of the pop landscape today is all it takes to corroborate this. The GIFs speak for themselves.

Ariana Grande’s intense choreography.



Katy Perry and her complicated dance routines.



Lady Gaga dancing/convulsing.



Mariah Carey’s graceful spin.

Perez Hilton


Rihanna has rhythm and presence, but she’s not a classic dancer.

Guy Code


Taylor Swift makes fun of her inability to step on time.



Iggy Azalea’s moves stay pretty basic.

ABC News


So who’s left among this generation of female pop stars who can dance?

Beyoncé, obviously.



Jennifer Lopez, of course.



Ciara, a contemporary classic.