This Is What Happens When You See Ariana Grande at Starbucks

January 17, 2014 By:
This Is What Happens When You See Ariana Grande at Starbucks

Yesterday, I went to Starbucks and saw Ariana Grande.

This is exactly how it went down.

I walk into Starbucks and spot INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR Ariana Grande waiting for her drink and I’m like…


Actually, that’s a lie. It was more like…


She was just standing there, like, a person…


Except she's super aware that she's famous, you know what I mean?


She had this guy with her…

No, not him.


The guy with Ariana looked like this guy…

Except it wasn’t. The guy just looked like Mac Miller, but he wasn’t Mac Miller. ARE YOU FOLLOWING? Good.


Ariana was wearing short shorts.

Too short, to be honest.


And really tall stilettos.


Her hair looked like it always does…


She was drinking something iced, through a straw.


And then a male Starbucks employee was like, “OMG ARIANA I LOVE YOU!”


And Ariana was like, “YOU ARE SO SWEET, I LOVE MY FANS!”

Actually, I couldn’t really hear what she was saying.


But she definitely PUT IN THE TIME with the fan, LIKE BEYONCÉ.


And then she floated out the door…


And as she was walking away she told her guy friend… “Let’s go to Rite Aid.”


And her friend was like, “okay.”

And that’s the time I saw Ariana Grande at Starbucks!