Video: Is Ariana Grande Just Another Fake Pop Star?

June 3, 2014 By:
Video: Is Ariana Grande Just Another Fake Pop Star?
Image By: YouTube

Here’s a YouTube video that shows a slight crack in the veneer that’s Ariana Grande’s career.

First uploaded a couple of years ago, the video shows Ariana in the backseat of a car with friends trying to figure out what song is playing on the radio (it’s Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” in case you really want to date this clip). She’s sort of slumped and at an energy level of zero—also known as relaxing like any other normal person—until she sees the camera is focused on her.

Suddenly, she straightens up in her seat, her eyes open up into an overtly innocent expression, and she shows a greater (faux) enthusiasm for the song and conversation in general. Like flipping a switch, she’s now in Professional On-Camera Mode. Call it a natural reaction to being on a hit Nickelodeon show for years, but we have to say it’s a truly subtle “performance.”

As her music career really begins to heat up, it has fans questioning her image more than ever. Is she all an act that’s just “annoyingly in love with herself” (YouTube user Bean Enamorabro) or just “so insecure that’s why she tries so hard and is always nervous” (YouTuber Jessica Myers)? Whatever the case, it’s definitely not easy being a young entertainer in this day and age.