Happy Leap Year! 5 Celebrities Born On Leap Day

March 1, 2012 By:
Happy Leap Year! 5 Celebrities Born On Leap Day

The cool thing about being born on leap year is, you get to divide your age by four. So when you’re sixty, you’re actually fourteen. The bad news is, you can’t legally drink until you’re in your eighties.

Leap Day happens once every four years, making it an extra special celebration for those who have their birthdays on February 29. So here you have it, five famous people who were born on Leap Day. Happy Birthday, leapers!

Ja Rule: The rapper was born on February 29, 1976. He’s thirty-six years old, but technically he’s nine. Bet he wished he was tried as a minor when he went to jail for gun possession.

Mark Foster: The man behind the band Foster the People also only technically celebrates his birthday once every four years. If only that was how often they played that Pumped Up Kicks song on the radio. Instead of you know, every four minutes.

Antonio Sabato Jr.: The ‘General Hospital’ heartthrob is yet another leap year baby. His Leap Year birthday makes him ten years old. But he’s got the body of a twenty-five year old. Actually, though, he’s forty.

Alex Rocco: The ‘Godfather’ actor is another famous leaper. Alex was born February 29, 1936, making him 76 years-old. But hey, in leap years, he’s only nineteen!

Tony Robbins: Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins was born February 29, 1960. Don’t know who Tony Robbins is? He’s friends with Oprah. ‘Nuff said.