Antonella Barba Speaks!

March 9, 2007 By:
Antonella Barba Speaks!

Antonella Barba was on Ryan Seacrest's morning show this morning on KIIS FM and she spoke candidly about everything thats been going on in her life.

When asked about all the controversy sorrounding her and what she thought of it, Antonella said, "It was unnecessary, it was hard to deal with it, it was an unnecessary distraction...trying to stay off the Internet, some nervousness... i tried to get through family has been so supportive, they told me to stay focused and we will worry about all that later."

Antonella also told Ryan that she would stay in Los Angeles for a while longer to see what offers she gets. Honey, you already got two big offers!

Antonella says that singing is her number one priority but would take acting offers along with modeling. Do you think Antonella Barba has what it takes to be the next "it girl" in Hollywood? She's cute and has already stirred some controversy which is always the ticker in this town. Now all she needs to do is date a Z-lister and hit up Winston's and shes in!