Another Royal Wedding: Prince Albert of Monaco Weds Olympic Swimmer

July 1, 2011 By:
Another Royal Wedding: Prince Albert of Monaco Weds Olympic Swimmer

Another royal twosome has wed. Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock were married today amid rumors that Charlene was a runaway bride.

Prince Albert has fathered two children out of wedlock and a French newspaper reported that she found out about his dubious lifestyle and called off the wedding. Well, Prince Albert did sow his wild oats in Monaco, but it didn’t cause Charlene to get cold feet.

The couple is currently in the middle of their weekend wedding and it’s said to be the most high profile event in Monaco since the 1956 wedding of Albert’s late parents Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly.

Prince Albert has something in common with Prince William, they both like commoners. Kate Middleton worked for her parent’s party planning company before she became royalty and Prince Albert’s new bride, Charlene was a former Olympic swimmer from South Africa. Okay, Olympic swimmer, that’s pretty cool.

The wedding festivities will consist of a public concert by The Eagles and a light show by popular French electronica artist, Jean Michel Jarre, which is being dubbed as the biggest concert in the world.

Albert and Charlene met in 2000 at a swim event, but did not start dating until 2005. As for her duties as the new royal wife, she wants to open a Starbucks and a Manolo Blahnik shoe store in Monaco. Clearly, frappuccino’s and heels are a royal necessity.