Report: Anne Hathaway's Boyfriend to Propose

November 11, 2009 By:
Report: Anne Hathaway's Boyfriend to Propose

Apparently they have psychics over at the National Enquirer because they can predict proposals before it happens. Their latest prediction? Anne Hathaway's boyfriend is going to propose to her.

According to a "source" at the tabloid magazine, Anne's boyfriend Adam Shulman has been looking at rings at Tiffany's and is planning on proposing soon.

“He knows Anne loves Tiffany’s, so he’s working with the store to get the best ring in his price range,” a source told the National Enquirer. He's reportedly looking to spend around $10,000.

“Adam does worry about the money issue, but he really loves Anne and believes they’re meant to be together,” the source added.

“He plans to propose by Christmas.”

Anne does seem really happy, so if this is true, its sounds really exciting. But than again, anyone would be better than her last boyfriend, who is still behind bars for being a con artist.