Raffaello Follieri Pushing For Shorter Sentence

October 16, 2008 By:
Raffaello Follieri Pushing For Shorter Sentence

Raffaello Follieri, the ex-boyfriend of Anne Hathaway is actual looking for leniency in his case.

Raffaello is banking on the chance that the Manhattan District Court will go easy on him for his past criminal behavior. He's hoping to spend less than three years in prison instead of the five-year sentence that was originally suggested.

His attorney, Flora Edwards, claims that her client, "became intoxicated with it all." She also went on to say, "Unfortunately, he lacked the resources to maintain the opulent lifestyle of his new friends. Even more unfortunately, he had almost unfettered access to hundreds of thousands of dollars with few controls on his spending ability, until it was too late."

Since he can't pony up the $21 million bail, the con artist will remain behind bars until his sentencing on October 23.