Raffaello Follieri Admits He Owes $3.6 Million

December 16, 2008 By:
Raffaello Follieri Admits He Owes $3.6 Million

Anne Hathaway’s ex Raffaello Follieri has admitted to owing more than $3.6 million that he scammed people while he was still a free man.

Even though Follieri’s victims won the judgment, it’s unknown whether or not they’ll ever see that money. So don't hold your breath boys.

He recently sold off two of his Andy Warhol prints for $21,000 just to pay his lawyer! Among the people Follieri owes money to are two Catholic priests, who say they loaned Follieri about $180,000. And you do not want to be around angry priests, so he’d better figure out a way to pay them back!

The people who are waiting to get the most money back are Bill Clinton and his partner of Dundee Realty of Toronto. Follieri owes them $2 million.

That’s going to take a little more than two Warhol paintings! That guy has royally screwed himself. And now he can’t even turn to the Church when he’s out, because he’s screwed them too!