'Les Misérables' Teaser Trailer Released

May 30, 2012 By:
'Les Misérables' Teaser Trailer Released

One of the most beloved, longest running musicals in history based on one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century has been turned into a film starring some of the most influential actors of our time. Could be considered newsworthy, right?

The much anticipated film directed by Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) stars Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Helena Bonham Carter and… Sacha Baron Cohen (huh?).

For the uncultured lot of us, Wikipedia can synopsize: “Set in early 19th-century France, the plot follows the stories of many characters as they struggle for redemption and revolution. An ensemble that includes prostitutes, student revolutionaries, factory workers, and others [who join] the lead characters.”

Beyond the Trailer reports that though this is the 13th film adaptation of the original story, it’s the first musical version ever produced for the silver screen.

But let’s focus on the important stuff here, Anne Hathaway, in a full-blown lunge for Oscar gold, actually sacrifices her hair in a scene where her character is forced for some reason to sell her locks. The results: not cute.

The trailer looks as fabulously depressing as the translated title of “The Miserable” would indicate. But hey, we can’t always bury ourselves in superheroes, animated anthropomorphized animals and Zac Efron. Sometimes we need to sink a bit lower to feel better about our day jobs, financial woes and the seemingly endless stream of bad hair days.

The film is scheduled to be released in December.

And seriously, let’s hope that the perpetually obnoxious Sacha (again, what?) has been contractually banned from staging any dumb ass publicity stunts.