Anne Wants Next Boyfriend to Obey Law

January 8, 2009 By:
Anne Wants Next Boyfriend to Obey Law

Anne Hathaway was in the press a lot last year and it was not only because of all her great achievements. Anne dated douchebag of the year who pleaded guilty in September for money laundering and fraud.

Thankfully, she has currently moved on and has a great sense of humor about it. That's why we love her!

When Ellen Degeneres asked her what she's looking for in a guy during the taping of the show she joked, "At this point I would just like him to be law abiding," says Hathaway, adding: "2008 was the year I learned to have a sense of humor about everything."

She needs to have a sense of humor to get through all that she went through last year. It's harder for her because she's in the public eye which means there are the Letterman's and Leno's waiting to make jokes about the situation.

We shouldn't be too worried about Anne though, Ellen has offered to find her a guy.

"If you need someone, I will find you a boyfriend," Ellen offers. "I'm really good at it."

"Did you see how nervous I just got?" responded Hathaway.

"You don't even have to date...You can straight to commitment."

Anne Hathaway is one of our favorite actresses in Hollywood. She's really talented and is extremely beautiful, we're sure she won't have any problems finding a decent guy to date. She's already hinted that she's seeing someone, but hasn't really given away his identity. Paps should be on high-alert.