Anne Hathaway's Journal Seized By FBI

July 24, 2008 By:
Anne Hathaway's Journal Seized By FBI

Poor Anne Hathaway. She's gotten more press for her deadbeat ex-boyfriend than for Get Smart being out.

According to Rush & Malloy, the FBI has now seized Anne's diaries during a raid of Raffaello Follieri's $37,500 a month Trump Tower apartment in NYC.

Anne has cut off all contact with Raffaello, even changing her phone numbers so he can't contact her. And he's apparently having a really tough time in the pokey, getting abused by other inmates.

He'll remain there until he can post his $21 million bail. Which is unlikely, since the guy can't even write a check without bouncing it. For Anne's sake, we hope the contents of her personal journal don't become public knowledge.