Anne Hathaway to Go Gay for Glee?

December 17, 2010 By:
Anne Hathaway to Go Gay for Glee?

It’s been a minute since I’ve given you guys a Glee update, so here goes!

The show is currently lining up their next guests stars which they never seem to run out of—and I hear two big names are on the forefront!

According to E! Online, Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews could be joining the show this season!

Gleek Chris Colfer talked about his desire to have Andrews play his grandmother on the show. "I'm pretty sure I've been obnoxious enough now that she knows that I want her. I think they just have to write it for her.”

He continued, “And Anne Hathaway wants to play my lesbian aunt. I'm all for that. Could you imagine a family with myself, Mike O'Malley, Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway? That's one hell of a family."

One hell of a talented family at that! Anne Hathaway can sing her ass off, and Julia Andrews is just such an obvious fit for Glee that I can’t think of a better star cameo.

For now, we’ll just have to wait a couple months, since the show is on hiatus until February 6, 2011. They’ll return with a huge Super Bowl episode that they’re desperately trying to keep under wraps.

Colfer said of the episode, "I know 'Thriller' is involved and they're mashing it up, and I remember I was a very big critic. I was like, 'You're mashing up something with 'Thriller,' what's wrong with you?' But it actually sounds very cool."

I can’t wait!