Anne Hathaway Didn't Eat for 13 Days for 'Les Mis' Role

December 7, 2012 By:
Anne Hathaway Didn't Eat for 13 Days for 'Les Mis' Role

She’s so skinny it’s hard to watch, but we can’t look away.

In an extended feature article in the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Anne Hathaway reveals the details of the of her intense, and frankly unhealthy lifestyle, which brought her to the starved look as demonstrated in the trailer for the upcoming film Les Misérables.

“I just had to stop eating,” she says in the issue, “all for a total of 13 days’ shooting.”

The details arrive on top of the pre-production cleanse and diet of oatmeal paste that we already knew about. 

For the part, Hathaway lost a total of 25 pounds off her already slender figure—10 lbs in the three weeks leading up to the day one of shooting, and 15 more throughout production as her character deteriorates throughout the story.

In addition to the military-esk diet regime, the 30-year-old actress hired a researcher to assist her with the role's 19th-century sexual slavery background. 

She was determined to play Fantine, a young factory worker forced into prostitution, in honor of her mother who embodied the part in the show’s original U.S. road tour. 

But even with her commitment, Hathaway scoring the scoring the job wasn’t always a sure thing. 

“There was resistance because I was between their ideal ages for the parts — maybe not mature enough for Fantine but past the point where I could believably play Cosette [Fantine’s daughter],” she remembers. “And I did what I do when I really want a role: I got fiery and told my agent, ‘Just get me in the room.’”

And when she got in that room, there was no question that she could get the job done. 

The Les Misérables article appears in the December 14 issue of The Hollywood Reporter. The film opens in theaters on Christmas day.