Anne Hathaway Back to Being Awesome: Her "Sad-Off" With Samuel L. Jackson

December 19, 2012 By:
Anne Hathaway Back to Being Awesome: Her

“Nothing says Christmas like slaves and whores.”

That’s the message in a brand new, hilariously satirical installment from Funny or Die

In the clip, Anne Hathaway and Samuel L. Jackson comment on their new films, Les Misérables and Django Unchained, which feature excessively dark subject matter and are ironically set for theater arrival on Christmas Day.

In the online video, titled “The Sad Off with Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway,” Anne and Sam face off—wearing swagged-out film versions of holiday sweaters—and present trivia facts of their respected films in an effort to prove his or her movie earns the title of “The Saddest.”

Here are some highlights to their argument:

Anne: My movie is literally called ‘The Miserable.’

Sam: You know my movie is about slavery, right? You do know how that works?

Anne: Yes, I do. I also know your movie isn’t called ‘Django Still Chained.’


Anne: The star of your movie had his own sitcom… On the WB!

Sam: (on Anne’s haircut) It’s a f---in’ buzzcut. I haven’t had hair since Unbreakable.


Sam: There’s a man ripped apart by dogs in my movie.

Anne: …Sh-t.


Anne: How many slaves do you know that live in Beverly Hills?

Sam: Three.

Anne: Oh yeah… We gotta do something about that, man. That’s just not right.

Based on what I’m seeing, I’d say Anne takes the cake in this verbal throw down, which is no easy feat against a badass like Sammy J… 

Check out Anne and Sam’s fiery Funny or Die standoff and decide for yourself here:

(Warning: Explicit language… Earmuffs, kiddies.)