AnnaLynne McCord and Other Celebs Who Accidently Tweeted

January 10, 2012 By:
AnnaLynne McCord and Other Celebs Who Accidently Tweeted

Last week, AnnaLynne McCord accidentally Tweeted a topless photo of herself to a fan. That’s one way to get followers. The 90120 star shared a Twitpic, dedicated to a fan, but the photo revealed an intimate part of McCord’s body. Her nipple, to be exact. The actress quickly realized her blunder, cropped out the nip and reposted the photo.

“This is for you, @meganraee,” McCord said in the Tweet.

Embarrassing, yes, but AnnaLynne McCord certainly isn’t the first celeb who has made a Twitter faux pas. From Anthony Weiner to Charlie Sheen, a lot of celebs find Twitter to be quite challenging. Here are 5 stars and their infamous accidental Tweets.

Jason Segel: The How I Met Your Mother Star accidentally Tweeted a booty call to his followers back in December. “Are you still up? Want to come over?” the Tweet read. Moments later, Jason deleted the Tweet. #JuicingAsFriends

Charlie Sheen: Former crazy person, Charlie Sheen, accidentally tweeted his cell phone number to his 6 million followers.

It read: “310-954-7277 Call me bro. C”

The Tweet was supposed to be a direct message to Justin Bieber. Sheen’s phone completely crashed after receiving 1,800 text me—wait, wtf Justin Bieber?

Meg Whitman: The CEO wanted to share a link to a YouTube video about her bid to be California’s governor. Only, she left off one letter of the URL and it sent clickers to a video of a cross-dressing Japanese man playing the guitar. Probably one of her more convincing campaign ads.

Dean McDermott: Not cool. Dean Tweeted a photo of his son, Liam on Twitter back in November. It would’ve been totally cute if not for his wife, Tori Spelling, lying topless in bed in the background.

Anthony Weiner: But Anthony Weiner takes the cake. The politician made headlines after accidentally posting a Twitter photo of his penis. The photo was meant to be a direct message to one of his followers, and the mistake eventually cost him his Congressional seat. Hey, that’s what happens when you Tweet your meat.