'90210' Star AnnaLynne McCord Hints at Wedding With Beau Dominic Purcell

September 13, 2011 By:
'90210' Star AnnaLynne McCord Hints at Wedding With Beau Dominic Purcell

AnnaLynne McCord plays a fashion forward teenager on the CW network’s 90210. Well, it turns out the girl behind the character is just as fashion savvy.

McCord showed up to QVC’s Live from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Runway Show & Cocktail party wearing bright orange trousers and a strappy black top and jacket. Hollyscoop caught up with the gorgeous 24 year-old, who was accompanied by her new boyfriend, Prison Break star Dominic Purcell.

We asked AnnaLynne who her favorite small screen hottie was and she told us:

“He was on TV, he’s doing movies now and he’s my new man.”

McCord gushed to Hollyscoop about her new heartthrob:

“Dominic Purcell is the hottest man I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s absolutely wonderful.”

And not only is she Dominic’s new gal, she’s also a huge fan of his show:

“I just recently watched, like crammed four seasons of Prison Break on Netflix because I was like I can’t get enough.”

Despite the couple’s 17-year age difference—Dominic is 41—McCord says the two are “very in love,” and it looks like the romance is getting serious.

“I’m very happy. I’m very, very happy and I’m very in love.” We asked if the two would be walking down the aisle soon, and AnnaLynne told us:

“Something. Walking down something together.”

Sounds promising! And after the royals and the Kardashians, we could use another wedding to look forward to.

The two reportedly met “doing a project,” says McCord.

“We connected over a conversation about how we were moving away from L.A." she told Us Weekly, revealing that she bought a townhouse somewhere else in California.

“We were trying to get away from all of it,” McCord said. “We live far away, near the beach.”

Addressing their age difference, AnnaLynne says:

“We have healthy debates, which I absolutely love. At the very end of the conversation we will both go, 'I respect your opinion. I disagree with you. But I respect your opinion because I love you.'"

She continued: "I'm like the little girl who loves school and love learning, especially from a man who is so intelligent and so worldly. It's nice to learn some things."