Anna Wintour. biography

NAME:Anna Wintour BIRTH DATE:November 3, 1949 (Age: 65) PLACE OF BIRTH:London, England

Anna Wintour was born on November 3, 1949, in London, England and first got her foot in the fashion door as an editor at Harper's & Queen in London. Wintour quickly moved up the editorial ladder over a short period of time, working at a number of publications before becoming an editor at Harper's Bazaar in 1976.

From there, she shared her fashion outlook as the editor at Viva, followed by Savvy and then New York magazine in 1981, where her professional insight finally drew the industry's attention and officially put her on the map.

Following a bidding war that doubled her previous salary, Wintour joined Vogue magazine as its first creative director. Shortly after, tension levels reached a new high when Wintour began making immediate changes to the magazine's layout without head editor Grace Mirabella knowing. The following year, she became an editor at British Vogue where she axed the majority of the staff, assumed control over the magazine and mirrored its image to that of American magazines.

Wintour attempted to do a similar makeover for the struggling House & Garden when she arrived in 1987, but her approach made it worse. Despite the setback, the rising powerhouse went on to become editor of Vogue ten months later. Once again, she cleaned house and changed the magazine's focus back to fashion, but this time it was a success. The magazine soon became a leading fashion publication in part of Wintour putting 19-year-old Michaela Bercu on a Vogue cover wearing a $10,000 shirt by Christian Lacroix and faded jeans - a type of non-luxurious attire never seen on a magazine cover.

In the 2000s, Wintour continued establishing herself as a fashion tycoon with the introduction of the magazine spin-offs Teen Vogue, Men's Vogue and Vogue Living. Despite garnishing criticism over nit-pick spreads and rumors of an early retirement in the face of an economic downfall, the leading editor was still inducted to the American Society of Magazine Editors' Hall of Fame while her life was honored in the documentary September Issue (2009).

In 2013, magazine publisher Condé Nast announced Wintour would be assuming the role of artistic director for the company's magazines, including Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair.

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