Anna Paquin Opens Up About Bisexuality, Arousing Husband On Screen

July 15, 2011 By:
Anna Paquin Opens Up About Bisexuality, Arousing Husband On Screen

Anna Paquin announced her bisexuality on April 1st, and just to make sure it wasn’t a joke, V magazine asked her a bunch of questions about it. Yep, apparently, she still is.

“My sexuality is something I'm completely comfortable with and open about. There is a lot of prejudice against us, but the more people talk about it, the less of a deal it will be. Who people choose to sleep with - or spend their lives with -- shouldn't matter, not that anyone particularly cares who I'm attracted to,” Paquin told the mag.

Paquin transformed for the magazine's photo shoot, donning a short, curly blonde Marilyn Monroe-esque hairstyle and bright yellow dress reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.

For everyone used to seeing Paquin as True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse, she was almost unrecognizable. And speaking of her role on the show, Paquin discusses how awkward she feels sharing sex scenes with her husband—which is, not at all.

“Maybe it should be weird, simulating sex with your husband in front of people," she admits. "But it's really not.”

Yeah, it probably should be. If fiddling with your husband’s penis in front of people isn’t weird to you, you’re either 1) crazy or 2) doing it wrong.

Paquin continues, “When it's a love scene with someone you actually love, there's no feeling like, 'Can I touch him here, can I touch him there?' You know what your boundaries are—or what they aren't, I suppose."