Virgie Screws Larry Birkhead

April 27, 2007 By:
Virgie Screws Larry Birkhead

Today was the day that Larry Birkhead was supposed to take his daughter Dannielynn home. Unfortunately, it won't be happening because Anna Nicole's desperate for attention mother Virgie Arthur has stepped in and filed an appeal to stop him for taking Dannielynn to the U.S.

Note that this is the lady that was insisting that Anna should be buried in the States and now Grandmother Dearest won't let her grandaughter leave the Bahamas.

There is going to be a public hearing today.


Thankfully, Virgie Arthur's appeal to block Larry Birkhead from leaving the Bahamas was DENIED. It seems that not only are we all annoyed but the judges in the Bahamas are also annoyed because the judge called the appeal "weak" and asked Arthur to pay 3k in attorney fees for wasting the court's time.