Report: Anna Nicole Smith was Intimate With Her Doctors

September 22, 2009 By:
Report: Anna Nicole Smith was Intimate With Her Doctors

New developments in the Anna Nicole Smith case. Papers were filed in LA this morning claiming that psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich and internist Sandeep Kapoor both had sexual contact with Anna Nicole.

Furthermore, according to the LA Times, L.A. Times, three pharmacists refused to fill the prescriptions Eroshevich and Kapoor had written. One of the pharmacists claims he reacted by saying to himself, "They are going to kill her with this." He also allegedly called the meds “prescription suicide.”

Five days after Anna’s son Daniel died, Eroshevich asked for two sedatives, 300 tablets of methadone, a muscle relaxer, an anti-inflammatory drug and 4 bottles of a painkiller.

Authorities also allegedly found photos of Anna Nicole and Eroshevich naked and embracing in a bathtub. There is also a photo of Kapoor "kissing and nuzzling" Anna Nicole.

Dr. Kapoor’s attorney Ellyn Garofalo defends her client saying, "There's been a misreading of the medical records. When all the facts are disclosed, they will show that Dr. Kapoor's treatment of Anna Nicole Smith was in good faith and consistent with good medical practice."

Sounds awfully sketchy to us! Story developing….