Larry Birkhead vs. Howard K. Stern

January 30, 2007 By:
Larry Birkhead vs. Howard K. Stern

The real baby daddy of Anna Nicole Smith, Larry Birkhead explains that he was so frustrated when Smith's long term attorney/freak Howard K. Stern would interrupt them while they were having sex, he demanded that she lock him out.

Birkhead explains, "Most of the time that I was in the home with her, when we lived together, we would have to basically lock doors to the bedroom.

"He (Stern) would try to come in and she'd have to tell him at certain points to call before he came back." Birkhead accuses Stern of playing on Smith's emotions in an effort to persuade her to get the photographer out of her life - something he succeeded in doing when Stern jetted the actress/model to The Bahamas last summer.

He adds, "One time in particular, while she was pregnant, I had to
basically rescue her at a hotel because Howard gave her so much grief about me being the father and saying that he was never going to accept me.

"He told her to make a choice - him or me. She called me crying
hysterically, and she drove herself barefoot to a hotel down the street
and I had to basically help her."