Larry Birkhead Defends His Lingerie Purchase

July 1, 2008 By:
Larry Birkhead Defends His Lingerie Purchase

Just last week Larry Birkhead made headlines when he bought pieces of lingerie once worn by Anna Nicole Smith to hand over to his daughter Dannielynn. His $3,000 bid wasn’t received highly, as he was criticized for his actions.

Hollyscoop caught up with Larry Birkhead last night at the “Hancock” movie premiere and asked him if he wanted to defend his purchase and what his thoughts were on the negative publicity he received.

Birkhead said: "I don't need to defend myself. That’s just part of life, I can do whatever I want. Its not like she’s going to wear it today. It's just something I am putting away as a keepsake.”

Birkhead also mentioned that it wasn't his first purchase. “I go online and buy things from other parts of Anna’s career. Whether it’s stuff from movies she was in or things like that, and nobody hears about that. This happening to be a public auction, so some people made a big deal about it.”

Birkhead went on to say that he didn’t need to defend himself because “It’s something that was pure.” In regards to those who criticized him, he says, “they don’t understand my daughter's mother is dead. So I have to basically put together history things that she doesn’t know. Playboy was a part of her history, so it's not going to be something I talk about tomorrow at bedtime, that’s sesame street. We probably have another 20 years to go before we get to Playboy.”

We also asked Birkhead if Dannielynn is at an age where she recognizes her mother. “She knows her mom, we have things at the house like pictures and all kinds of movies. She knows her mother and her brother, she lost Daniel too.”