Larry Birkhead Cashes In Again

April 30, 2007 By:
Larry Birkhead Cashes In Again

It didn’t take long for Larry Birkhead to start cashing in on his new found fame. NBC has reportedly paid a whopping $1 million dollars for all the info he’s been giving them.

According to NY Post, shortly after Anna Nicole’s death Birkhead struck a deal with the network.

A rep for Bravo confirmed to Page Six: "NBC Universal has an exclusive contract with Larry Birkhead and we don't discuss the terms of our deals."

"They'll be on board a Bravo-funded plane along with Howard K. Stern and the network is planning some kind of big interview," the insider says.

So he got a million from NBC and he got money from OK! At least now he can financially take care of Dannielynn, let's just hope he has her best interest at heart.