HS Exclusive: Anna Nicole Smith Photos Stolen

October 2, 2007 By:
HS Exclusive: Anna Nicole Smith Photos Stolen

Earlier this morning Hollyscoop reported exclusively that there was a Anna Nicole Smith corpse photo floating around and we didn't want to post it to avoid a lawsuit.

We just received a letter from Howard K. Stern's representatives, who also represent Anna Nicole Smith's Estate, asking us to cease and desist from displaying or publishing the picture in any way.

This picture was stolen from Ms. Smith's camera. The picture became the property of Ms. Smith's Estate when she died, and the Estate has requested, and intends to vigorously pursue the return of this item.

Like we already mentioned, the picture was from a previous overdose in the Bahamas. What we’re wondering is why someone would take a picture of her overdosing with her own camera instead of getting her some help. Could her death have been prevented?