Hollyscoop Anna Nicole Exclusive

October 2, 2006 By:
Hollyscoop Anna Nicole Exclusive

This story is just too sick to pass up on and after a long deliberation we decided to post it. A very reliable source told Hollyscoop exclusively about the extent certain celebrities will go in order to make some easy cash. The sad part of this story is people will take their own personal life’s tragedy to do it.

By now we all know about the Anna Nicole Smith saga and I am sure its hard to believe that someone would tie the knot or as they say have a “commitment ceremony” only days after their sons death.

We hear that Howard K Stern is now fishing to sell the exclusive photos of their wedding ceremony to anyone who can cough up the $1 million dollar price. The pictures are from the ceremony and the two in the Bahamas, where our source tells us that the bride wore a pink bikini. In the pics you can see “Bonnie and Clyde” lounging around in their house.

Another source tells us that Anna is really money hungry and the ceremony was in fact a publicity stunt to get more attention, she figured she’d strike while the iron is still hot. We hear that Anna was not as distraught about her sons death as people claim she is, which is the reason to why she didn’t care to wait any further and used the opportunity to make some fast cash.

Which sane person would sell their own childs last photos and then get hitched for more publicity? It’s beyond sick. Look for the pictures to be sold to the highest bidder soon.