BREAKING NEWS More Details of Anna Nicole's Death

February 8, 2007 By:
BREAKING NEWS More Details of Anna Nicole's Death

A police chief just held a press conference in front of Memorial Regional hospital where Anna Nicole passed away. Here are the details we have as of now from the press conference.

Anna Nicole was pronounced dead at 2:49pm. Police responded to Anna's hotel room, which was on the 6th floor at the Hard Rock hotel in Hollywood Florida. She had been staying there since Monday with her companion Howard K Stern.

A private nurse found her unconscious and then called the operator at 1:38pm and Anna's bodyguard was called in to her room at 1:45pm to give her CPR.

The Police Chief had no idea what condition Anna was when her she was discovered in her room. No clue if she had a cardiac arrest or if she was bleeding. There were no children in the room and Anna had a fever the night before.

We do know there was no obvious signs of mortal trauma. The weird part is Howard was not in the room when Anna died. The Police Chief said he had no idea where Howard is now, but he was staying with her in the hotel.

Eye witnesses say that when she was brought to the hospital, at first her face was uncovered but they covered her entire body and face as she was being taken out of the ambulance. There was someone on location that did snap photos. No word on who the photographer was but we expect that they'll surface soon.

Possible Causes of Death:

Cardiac compromise

Pulmonary embolism

Medication interaction