Bodyguard Distributes Anna Nicole Smith Photos

October 4, 2007 By:
Bodyguard Distributes Anna Nicole Smith Photos

Despite several media outlets pretending they had the exclusive on the Anna Nicole Smith story, Hollyscoop was the first to report on the leaked photos. That being said, it has just been revealed that Smith's bodyguard Moe Brighthaupt was the one who leaked the photos.

Howard K. Stern's attorney L. Lin Wood told Hollyscoop that the photos were stolen from Ms. Smith's camera. The picture became the property of Ms. Smith's Estate when she died, and the Estate has requested, and intends to vigorously pursue the return of this item.

Anna Nicole's bodyguard Moe Brighthaupt was the one who distributed the photos which range from a naked Anna Nicole allegedly overdosing and another one of her holding Dannielynn.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Wood says, "Shortly after I was retained by Howard Stern, I received firsthand information that Moe Brighthaupt had contacted tabloids offering for sale one or more photographs of Anna Nicole Smith.

"Yesterday, photographs of Anna Nicole and (baby daughter) Dannielynn were posted on various internet websites. These photographs are the property of the estate of Anna Nicole Smith and were stolen from her camera shortly after her death.

"Big Moe denies selling the photographs but admits that he is distributing them. His misappropriation of estate property is unlawful and his stated motives for doing so are not credible.

On Moe's behalf, he insists that he never stole the photos from Smith's camera. "Big Moe would never seek to profit from the disturbing photographs on various internet websites.

"Big Moe continues to mourn the death of his close friends but continues to question why (these) pictures of Anna Nicole Smith were ever taken in the first place."

This Anna Nicole Smith drama is never ending. Just when we thought we were done with her new photos and allegations resurface. Let me guess what’s next, a sex tape?