Birkhead Meets Dannielynn

February 27, 2007 By:
Birkhead Meets Dannielynn

Larry Birkead is quite the chatterbox these days.
The photographer finally met the child he claims is his, Dannielynn. You know what would be really funny but sad at the same time? Imagine after all this, neither him nor Stern are the father and it's some random guy. Honestly, nothing surprises me anymore.

Birkhead got the chance to feed Dannielynn, burp her, and even got the chance to get thrown up on. All Birkhead wants, according to reports, is "to be a good father."

"Every moment that we got together was kind of ... that's what
everything's about. To me, it wasn't about the money. [Being with her]
that was like gold to me, you know?" Birkhead says in the interview,
was taped before he met Dannielynn.

When he was with Smith, he said, "I enjoyed just sitting back and
her success, and watchin' the fact that she just loved being in front
the camera. And it wasn't important for me to jump up and say, 'Hey,
her boyfriend!' "

When the couple found out she was pregnant, he recalled, "She just had
this different look about her. It was really weird, because her skin,
everything looked different. Everything was weird. And as soon as she
to sleep, I took my hand and I went – you know, I kind of felt over
and I
just laid my hand there [on her stomach], because I just knew at that
moment that she was pregnant."

Asked if he knew Smith was going to have a baby just by his touching
Birkhead answered, "I knew. I just knew then. I said, 'Look, what if
something were happening to you? I know you know – you better tell
And she said, she said, 'Yes, we're having a baby.' "

That all changed when Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern made a
surprise move and headed for the Bahamas. After giving birth Birkhead
surprised that Stern, and not himself, was listed as the father on
Dannielynn's birth certificate.

So how did he see his child for the first time? "They were kind of
pictures that [Smith and Stern] sent out to different outlets to see if
they were interested in them, and they were so small that I couldn't
But even in that small form, I knew when I looked at them, I knew. I
'She's mine. That's my baby. She looks like me – she is mine.' And
was not a doubt."