ANS Update

February 20, 2007 By:
ANS Update

As we mentioned earlier this morning, Howard K. Stern is in court today to determine where Anna Nicole Smith should be buried. Stern said that he and Anna were "more than friends" two years ago but kepttheir relationship low pro. "She was my best friend, lover, the mother of my daughter – literally everything to me." blah blah we believe you!

He also told the judge that Anna Nicole was obsessed with her own death. "She talked of death really from the time that I met her.”

He continued: "Anna in a lot of ways thought she was going to die young and thought she was going to be like Marilyn Monroe. She [also] thought she was going to die giving birth to Dannielynn."

"She died emotionally when Daniel died,” Stern said. “She had real problems accepting Daniel was gone. She had people open the casket and she was just inconsolable and was hugging him and wanted to go down with him.” He said, "For the most part, Anna didn't leave her room [when Daniel died]."