ANS Update

February 21, 2007 By:
ANS Update

I feel like my head is gonna explode with all this Britney/Anna Nicole Smith drama! On with the show...

Anna Nicole Smith's mother wants to dig up Daniel from his coffin and take him to Texas and bury him next to Anna Nicole Smith. Stern wants Anna Nicole to be buried next to her son in the Bahamas, where he died from apparent drug-related causes last year.

The Judge wants a compromise between the two parties, but the medical examiner once again warned everyone that Smith's body was decomposing more quickly than expected and a public viewing could be in danger.

"When you walked into the court, you hope to get everything," Seidlin said. "We will try to fashion a remedy where not everyone gets everything they want."

Now there is the battle of who’s making more money off Anna Nicole Smith. Anna’s mother Virgie Arthur said in court that "The only one who's ever made any money off my daughter is that man right there," pointing to Stern. She added, "I heard that "ET" is buying her death funeral ... for a million bucks." Doesn't she sound jealous saying that, like she wishes it was her?

However, Sterns lawyers quickly attacked claiming that Arthur in fact received money from Splash News Agency.

Update: Stern just said in court that he has no income of his own and that he is "borrowing money" to support himself. He also told the court that 'ET' flew him to the Bahamas from Florida on a private jet so they can get the first interview of him after ANS' death.