ANS' Ex Assistant Slams Stern

February 23, 2007 By:
ANS' Ex Assistant Slams Stern

The list of Howard K. Stern haters is growing at a very rapid pace. Anna Nicole Smith's former assistant, Kimberly Walther went on a rampage against the lawyer on her web site. The onetime Girl Friday, who appeared on Stern's E! reality show and used to live with Smith, attacks Stern as a slippery, slimy lawyer who was not at all as close to the tragic bombshell as he claims he was.

"You never slept in the same bed with Anna! You crawled in
there after she fell asleep. She never invited you to her bed! The
plots were bought by you, you sicko. That is the only way you could
of to finally get to sleep next to her each night.
After you are dead -
because it wasn't happening while she was living."

thinks Stern's testimony in court is nothing more than a joke.
. . . you lied on the stand . . . You said you do not gain [monetarily]
being executor of Anna Nicole's will? What about that document you had
sign once you won the huge award from [the] Howard Marshall estate? Do
get 10 percent or 100 percent? . . . What a [bleeping] liar!"

Walter also states that she doesn't buy into the will that left
to Stern and goes off saying. "You know she was obsessive about
care of her child, What did you do with the updated will? Or did it
benefit you?"

Walter warns Stern that she wont be keeping
quiet for long,
"I'm going to show up, when you least expect me! I have my own tapes.
had no right making a fool out of Anna like you did." Walter
that Larry Birkhead is the true father of Smith's newborn,
Dannielynn." Larry only wanted the best for Anna Nicole. He tried to
the right thing by her and his daughter. Larry, you are my hero."
her final statement Walter swipes Stern. Do I ever want to see your
snout again? No, I value my health too much and your track record is
good - people are [dying] around you."