Anna Nicole's Real Baby Daddy Revealed!

November 2, 2006 By:
Anna Nicole's Real Baby Daddy Revealed!

There are new revelations in the Anna Nicole case that proves that photographer Larry Birkhead is in fact the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s newborn child.

Laurie Payne spent a lot of time with Anna Nicole before and during her pregnancy. There were sealed court documents filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court and has obtained a copy.

In the document Payne claims that Anna has confessed to her in phone calls, and IM’s that Birkhead is in fact the baby daddy.

Payne says that the former Playboy Playmate confessed with her own mouth that Howard k. Stern was not the father of the baby. Payne says in her declaration: "I asked her why she did not just go into a relationship with Stern, to which (Anna Nicole) responded, 'EWWW...GROSS!!! No way!! I would never!’"

There you have folks! Here is another witness claiming that Stern isn’t the baby daddy. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to tune into Entertainment Tonight to see Anna Nicole lie and fake cry.