Anna Nicole's Dad to Sue Howard K. Stern for Wrongful Death

April 2, 2009 By:
Anna Nicole's Dad to Sue Howard K. Stern for Wrongful Death

More trouble ahead for Howard K. Stern. Anna Nicole Smith’s father is now considering suing Stern for wrongful death.

Donald Hogan blames him completely for the way things turned out for his daughter, and is finally speaking up about it.

Hogan tells E! News, "I would urge Virgie to think about this; this is wrongful death. And personally I don't care if we get a dime out of it. Not one dime."

As you may remember, Virgie is Anna’s mother. She and Donald split when Anna was just nine months old. Hogan goes on to say, "I blame Stern for bringing her the stuff and not helping her to get off of it.”

"Nobody put a gun to her head, but somebody sure brought a lot of drugs home. I think he made a lot of bad decisions in his life, and I think it is fixin' to come back and to haunt him.”

It sounds like Hogan has a lot of pent-up anger inside and finally wants to do something about it. He’s never even met his granddaughter Dannie-Lynn, who is now two, so it’s obvious he’s not in the inner circle. But he knows a creep when he sees one! So more power to Donald for considering the lawsuit.

When it comes down to who is responsible for his daughter’s death, Hogan says, "I have my own personal views and opinions on things about him that I'm not going to say, but I blame him totally for her death."