Anna Nicole Smith's Funeral Today

March 2, 2007 By:
Anna Nicole Smith's Funeral Today

Anna Nicole Smith will be buried today and her good friends say the funeral will be over the top, just like their late friend. Anna's good friend Patrick Simpson revealed, "It will be a very beautiful Anna Nicole send-off." Patrick revealed in a statement he gave to the Associated Press that the funeral would be over the top, "because it's Anna Nicole."

The guest list will include 300 people who will attend the service at a church filled with pink flowers, which were her favorite color.

Simpson's partner fashion designer and good pal Pol Atteu has created a custom gown in which she will be buried in a "very elegant" casket, Simpson added.

Update:Unfortunately the funeral has currently been put on hold because Anna Nicole's mother just can't give it a rest. She is ruining her daughters funeral with her stupid childish attention games.

Lawyers for Virgie Arthur, have filed a petition in a Bahamas court, trying to stop the funeral before Anna's body is buried. The hearse carrying Anna's body is just a few yards away from the church but has been stopped due to her mothers games.

Speaking of the funeral there is a red carpet outside the church and an entertainment news crew set up just outside the church and inside as well. I wonder who that is? There were reports that this news crew has paid up to a million dollars to get exclusive coverage of the funeral services.

UPDATE #2 : Anna Nicole's body began to make it's way down the red carpet in a brown casket. RIP Anna! No one can bother you now!