Anna Nicole Smith's Estate On Sale for $1.75 Mil

August 1, 2011 By:
Anna Nicole Smith's Estate On Sale for $1.75 Mil

Got a couple million lying around? Then you just may be able to buy the gorgeous mansion featured on Anna Nicole Smith’s reality show.

Located in Studio City, Smith’s estate is selling for a mere $1.75 million, which seems pretty low for most celebrity homes. The 4,700 square foot mansion has five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, a gym, pool, and gorgeous views of Los Angeles.

Big deal. My apartment has views of Los Angeles, too. Unfortunately, it’s less “sun setting behind mountains” Los Angeles and more “homeless dude pissing on garbage” Los Angeles.

The home’s description reads:

Perfect location for the entertainment industry. Beautifully detailed interior with two story dramatic entry. Walk inside and you are immediately awed by the incredible views. The mansion also boasts a dual fireplace and a giant master bath with jetted tub.

The money from the sale is supposed to go back into Anna’s estate. Especially for Los Angeles, $1.75 million is a steal. Perhaps Anna Nicole’s ghost is lurking around the place. But really, how scary can her ghost be? I’m guessing you just hear the occasional footsteps walking down the stairs followed by someone whispering, “It’s Trim Spa, baby.” Totally worth it.