Anna Nicole Smith Must Be Pissed Off!

December 22, 2006 By:
Anna Nicole Smith Must Be Pissed Off!

Larry Birkheadmust have been a really good boy because he got his Christmas gift early this year. The judge ORDERED a paternity test to determine the father of Anna Nicole Smith's 3-month-old daughter Dannielynn Hope. Birkhead insists that he is the baby daddy and has been fighting for months to get Anna to turn in a paternity test.

"If I was on anybody's Christmas list, they can scratch me off because this is the best Christmas present I could have ever received," Birkhead told People. "I'm one step closer to beginning a relationship with my daughter."

Smith’s lawyer Ron Rale is obviously not happy at the ruling saying that the judge "threw out 80 percent of their case.

"This isn't nearly the end of the story," said Rale.